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-Original artwork, information and style.+Original artwork, labels and manuals.
-Click for bigger pictures!+Click on the photos for bigger version.
 ====== Box ====== ====== Box ======
- +{{:amix_box_whole_web.jpg?direct&700}}
-{{:amix_box_whole_web.jpg?direct&700 |}} +
 ====== Installation media ====== ====== Installation media ======
-{{:amix_boxset_web.jpg?direct&700 |}}+====== Tape and disk labels ====== 
 +[[|PNG re-creations of the tape and floppy labels (ZIP)]]
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 {{:amix_manuals_web.jpg?direct&700}} {{:amix_manuals_web.jpg?direct&700}}
-{{|Addendum: Updates to the Using Amix manual for version 2.0}}+(More to be added soon - see also below at External links) 
 +{{|Using Amiga Unix}} 
 +{{|Addendum: Updates to the Using Amix manual for version 2.0}} 
 +====== External links ====== 
 +[[|AT&T System V Release 4 Documentation in]] 
 +More manuals (including Installing Amiga Unix) available at [[|]].
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