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-====== Downloads ====== 
-<WRAP download>​ 
-If you find broken files or have Amix-related files that you would like to share here, please contact us using the [[https://​​contact/​contact.html|contact form]]. 
-See also: http://​​​amiga/​Amix/​ and http://​​downloads.html 
-With thanks to the following contributors: ​ 
-  * Carsten Jensen (http://​ - A3070 tape drive manual, Tapeinet floppy image 
-  * Michael Parson (http://​​~mparson/​) - lot of Amix software re-bundled as Amix packages for easier installation 
-This part is mainly the old site's file list as is. Some archives may be corrupted, they were not all tested. These are to be re-organized in the future. 
-**Michael Parson'​s re-bundled / compiled packages** 
-See 00README for file descriptions 
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