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With Amix you can have your Amiga set up in a dual-boot setup, ie. you can have both Amix and Workbench installed and you can select which one you want to boot.

With A3000 and a Bridgeboard board you can have three OS's running on one machine: Workbench/AmigaDOS, Amix and MS-DOS/Windows. Ok, only WB and Bridgeboard can run simultaneously - still not bad for early 1990's :)

It basically works like this (expecting that you start with an empty hard disk):

  1. Install Amix and select in the partitioning section to leave empty space for the Workbench partition
  2. Ensure the Amix installatation works and boots automatically
  3. Boot the machine using Workbench Install disk
  4. Use HDToolBox to create Workbench (and other) partition(s) on the empty space of the disk (DON'T alter the Amix partitions)
  5. Reboot with the Workbench Install disk. The WB partition should come up on the workbench. Select it and format it using Workbench's Format utility.
  6. Install Workbench using the installer in the floppy

At this point you should have both OSs installed. Amix will still boot first as it's boot partition has higher boot priority.

Early Startup Menu

You can manually boot to Workbench by going into the Early Startup Menu (hold down both mouse buttons on boot) and selecing the DH0 (or whatever your Workbench partition is called) and select Use.

Changing the boot priorities

You can modify the boot priorities later if you want to change the default OS to boot. (You'll probably want to have WB boot by default as it's much faster).

Boot to Workbench and start HDToolbox. Select the Workbench or UNIX_Boot partition.

Tick 'Advanced Options' and adjust the boot priority value. Remember to press enter after entering a value! The change won't register if you just enter the value and press Ok, you need to press enter to indicate the change in value. Then press Ok and save changes to disk. |


  • pictures of creating WB partition while installing it
  • can you use custom file systems for the WB partitions?
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