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Installing AmixBP software

More information on AmixBP.

After downloading the desired files from, to unpack them into the default location /opt/amixbp on your Amiga UNIX machine run the following command:

zoo xpq filename.tar.zoo | gtar -xvC / -f -

This will unpack the files to the correct location. If you'd rather not unpack straight into /opt/amixbp, you can unpack to your current directory by omitting the “C /” from the gtar options. This will create an opt/amixbp directory tree descending from your pwd. When unpacking the files, don't worry about errors regarding existing directories. This is normal.

You need to add /opt/amixbp/bin to your path. If you would like files installed to take precedence over the native utilities, add it to the front of your path. If you want to Amiga UNIX commands and utilities to take precedence, add it to the back of your path. In that case, to force the use of AmixBP software (for example: Amiga UNIX provides an old gcc, but so does AmixBP) you will need to specify the full path. ie: /opt/amixbp/bin/gcc

Installing software from the file galleries

Installing the software is fairly simple. You will need bzip2 to handle the archives, this is provided here for the binary only. If you like, you can download the full bzip2 archive from the file galleries, which requires bzip2 to extract. To install the bzip2.Z file, as root do:

uncompress bzip2.Z chmod a+x bzip2 cp -p bzip2 /usr/bin

Now you have bzip2. To install any of the cpio.bz2 archives, become root (su), cd to / and do:

bzip2 -dc filename.cpio.bz2 | cpio -ivcdm

If you have the bzip2 archive installed, you can use bzcat instead of bzip2 -dc.

If you don't entirely trust the cpio archives, you can install them into a fake root tree and move the files later. For example, you can make a directory in /tmp, unarchive the file there, check it out, and move the directories out to / when you're satisfied.

Note that most archives will unpack to /usr/local, so you need to add directories like /usr/local/bin and /usr/local/sbin to your path if you want to execute them without explicitly specifying the location of the files (ie: instead of make you would have to do /usr/local/bin/make if /usr/local/bin is not in your path).

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