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Patch Disk 2.1c, the Amix "Service Pack"

You have the option of installing the patch disk, which should patch your installation up to patch level 2a. This can patch the kernel to 2.1c as well, which is why you may find references to 2.1c being the “ultimate” version of AMIX. In actuality, 2.1p2a is the latest version you can install… and you do that with the patch disk. You'll probably want to have this installed to minimize running into issues.

Note: To install the patch disk you must have the Kernel Configuration Package on the target machine. If you didn't install it during initial setup, you can be add it later using amixpkg and the install tape.

1. Obtaining and preparing the media

First download the disk image from here: Amix 2.1 Patch Disk (ADF)

If you can get the file onto your Amiga UNIX box, like over the network… do so, and you don't need to bother creating a floppy.

If you can't, then write the file to floppy using either dd or some adf-to-disk program in AmigaOS like… erm… adf2disk. Or tsgui. In Amiga UNIX you'd write it like this: dd if=amix_patch_2.1.adf of=/dev/dsk/fd0 bs=512

But if you can do that, the file is already there so why bother? :-)

2. Unarchiving the patch disk

The patch disk, if you made the floppy, just contains a compressed version of the patches in an easily transportable format, a la sneakernet. You don't actually use the disk at all during the patch process. If you have the file on your amix system, you can uncompress it by running it with sh, like so: sh amix_patch_2.1.adf

If you have written it to a floppy, insert the floppy into the system's drive and run it with sh like this: sh /dev/dsk/fd0

A script will begin running, follow along with the prompts as it unarchives everything for you.

3. Installing the patches

The script will exit after telling you exactly what to do next. Just so you'll see it here too:
shutdown -iS wait a while… Enter the root password at the prompt, and then… /var/patch/apply

And away you go. If you have the kernel configuration package installed (you do if you installed everything) you will get the new 2.1c kernel installed. You can make the boot floppy if you like, when it prompts you, but on a stock system you should not have a problem with the new kernel.

When the patching has been completed (hopefully successfully) you will need to reboot with the command: shutdown -i6

4. Post-installation

When the system boots, you will be run through the setup script again. Just answer the questions intelligently and you'll be fine. If you want to run XDM so you can see the ugly X login after your system boots, answer appropriately to that question. You can also login to your xdm from a remote system, like a Linux box with a nice 24-bit display, by issuing maybe X -query amix_box_address :1.0 on the remote system where the :1.0 is an available display number. If you are not already running X on that system, you can use :0.0 if you want.

If you'd like to see the changes that were applied to your system again, you can look at /var/patch/changes in your favorite text viewer. If you want to restore or examine old files replaced by the patch, they should be in /var/patch/old1.

Enjoy your new 2.1p2a system!

Files and packages changed by the patch disk

-- core -- Amiga Unix essential components

/etc/inet/inetd.conf    corrected entry for nntpd
/etc/init.d/syslogd     you may edit this to enable syslogd
/etc/motd               indicate patch level N as 2.1pN
/etc/rc0.d/K50syslogd   link to /etc/init.d/syslogd
/etc/rc0.d/K74smtpd     renamed to K50smtpd to shutdown smtpd before inet
/etc/rc2.d/S70syslogd   link to /etc/init.d/syslogd
/etc/saf/serial/_pmtab  ttcompat added to modules pushed on term/ser
/etc/sysinit            reliably start floppy demon and sysmenu
/stand/boot2.boot       changes for future compatibility with gcc 2
/stand/elf2brel         "
/stand/makeiblk         "
/usr/amiga/bin/amixadm        amixxdm added to menu
/usr/amiga/bin/format         supports A: (720k) and B: (1440k)
/usr/amiga/bin/system.setup   amixxdm added to menu
/usr/amiga/lib/amixcolorx     corrections, clarifications
/usr/amiga/lib/amixxdm        X Windows Login Screen configuration
/usr/ccs/bin/make             correction concerning long filenames
/usr/lib/terminfo             link to /usr/share/lib/terminfo
/usr/sbin/dispadmin           null_kludged
/usr/sbin/tar                 unpacks files with unknown userid correctly
/var/log/*                    log file stubs for syslogd
/etc/profile                  + add /usr/X/bin to PATH if DISPLAY is set
/dev/conslog                  + device node added to support syslogd
/usr/sbin/syslogd             + major revisions

                              + = changed in PatchDisk1-2a

-- Cdev -- C Development system

/usr/include/sys/types.h      added missing close-comment
/usr/include/patchlevel.h     new, records current patchlevel
/usr/include/sys/sockets.h    + added missing close-comment

-- lp -- Lp print spooler

/etc/lp/filter.table          + corrected format
/etc/lp/filter.table.i        + allow restoration of factory filter table

-- man -- On-line manual pages

/usr/share/catman/1/makewhatis.Z  makewhatis can rebuild whatis database
/usr/share/catman/3X/             created
/usr/share/catman/3l/             created
/usr/share/catman/3x/*            moved certain files to usr/share/catman/3X
/usr/share/man/*/                 directories made writable by user bin
/usr/share/man/1l/ship.Z          based on ship -h
/usr/share/man/1l/unship.Z        ship,unship come with zip
/usr/share/man/base_whatis        correct 3x vs 3X as appropriate
/usr/share/man/whatis             recreate db for man,apropos,whatis
/usr/share/release.notes          2.1 version, for postscript printers
/usr/share/man/7A/release.Z       2.1 version, type "man release"
/usr/share/man/1X/xv.Z            + for xv version 2.21

-- net -- Networking commands and daemons

/usr/lib/fs/nfs/mount             avoid core dump when attempting to mount
                                  a volume from a host having no nfs server

-- public -- Shareware and public domain utilities

/etc/init.d/news                  fixes, creates whoami, mailname, clears locks
/etc/rc0.d/K50news                link to etc/init.d/news
/etc/rc2.d/S91news                link to etc/init.d/news
/usr/bin/rnews                    added symbolic link to usr/public/bin/rnews
/usr/public/bin/mformat,etc.      mtools suite uses B: for 1440k /dev/dsk/fd0ih
/usr/public/lib/news/active.zeros copy to active for full newsfeed
/usr/public/lib/newsbin/queuelen  corrected to work /etc/uucp/Grades
/usr/public/bin/lha               lharc with better compression and structure. 
                                  Run without arguments for help. Saves date, mode, owner, 
                                  group of directories and regular files. Ignores symlinks, 
                                  links, special files.

-- sysadm -- System administration utlity

/usr/sadm/sysadm/menu/applmgmt/OBJECTS    symlink to /usr/vmsys/OBJECTS
/usr/sadm/sysadm/menu/applmgmt/  add face entry
/usr/sadm/sysadm/menu/           add applications, printer entries
/usr/vmsys/lib/.facerc                    change owner to bin

-- terminfo -- Support for non-amiga terminals

/usr/share/lib/terminfo/ti/print.ti       add hplaserjet-part, for parallel port
/usr/share/lib/terminfo/ti/xterm.ti       + fcn key, rc2 fixes. Added xterm-ul, xterms-ul 
                                          to support underlining

-- uucp -- Uucp networking software

/                          jettison
/etc/uucp/Grades                  added news d grade for Cnews
/usr/bin/uuccp                    + avoid /tmp/ files
/usr/bin/uux                      + "
/usr/lib/uucp/uuxqt               + "
/usr/bin/uustat                   + correct output format
/usr/lib/uucp/uucico              + fix uuto mail notification

-- Xcore -- X Window System essential components

/usr/X/adm/.olsetup               sets DISPLAY properly
/usr/X/bin/X2410                  bug fix for cursor allocation
/usr/X/lib/xdm/Xservers           added instructions
/usr/X/bin/xv                     + version 2.21: bug fix, new features
/usr/X/lib/xdm/README             + simplified instructions
/usr/X/lib/xdm/.xsession          + copied to $HOME at xdm login
/usr/X/lib/xdm/Xsession           + execute /etc/TIMEZONE, set PATH, update $HOME/.olsetup
+ = changed in PatchDisk1-2a

-- conf -- Kernel configuration package

/usr/sys/amiga/boot/FindConfigDev.s   compatibility with gcc version 2
/usr/sys/amiga/boot/MakeFile          "
/usr/sys/amiga/boot/bind.c            "
/usr/sys/amiga/boot/boot2.c           "
/usr/sys/amiga/boot/bootdata.h        "
/usr/sys/amiga/boot/copyit.s          "
/usr/sys/amiga/boot/elf2brel.c        "
/usr/sys/amiga/boot/mapfile           "
/usr/sys/amiga/boot/rel.c             "
/usr/sys/amiga/boot/reltest.c         "
/usr/sys/amiga/console/c0.c           allow multi-bitplane console
/usr/sys/amiga/driver/aen/aen.c       toss illegal oversize ethernet packets
/usr/sys/amiga/driver/aen/aen.o       removed to ensure correct build
/usr/sys/amiga/driver/aen/exp         removed to ensure correct build
/usr/sys/master.d/kernel.c            added bbpoll entries
/usr/sys/master.d/kernel.o            removed to ensure correct build

-- emacs -- GNU emacs

/usr/public/gnu/emacs/lisp/term/amiga.el    To use arrow keys in emacs, 
                                            append (enable-arrow-keys) to $HOME/.emacs

-- emacsrc -- GNU emacs source code

/usr/src/pub/gnu/core                       jettison

-- pubscr -- Shareware and public domain source

/usr/src/pub/cmd/mtools/devices.c           corrected

-- gnusrc -- Other GNU source code, part 1

/usr/src/pub/gnu/gcc/aux-output.c           symbolic link corrected for pkgchk
/usr/src/pub/gnu/gcc/config.h               "
/usr/src/pub/gnu/gcc/md                     "
/usr/src/pub/gnu/gcc/tm.h                   "

-- Xsource -- X Window Source Code - X11R4

/usr/src/X/contrib/games/Imakefile          update subdirectory list
/usr/scr/X/server/ddx/amix/dmi/tigcurs.c    fix for cursor allocation
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