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Here's the one liner: you need an Amiga with full 68020/68030 CPU including a MMU and FPU, with either A3000 internal SCSI or an A2091/A2090 board. If you do not have this you probably cannot run Amiga UNIX. You may be able to get into a kind of single-user mode using the boot floppies, by hitting CTRL-C when the installation script starts to run. However, this would still require a 68020/68030 at a minimum.

The official models

The A3000UX is no different from a standard A3000 except for the 3000UX badging, and a default configuration consisting of a 200MB HD and at least 8MB fast RAM. Amiga UNIX was also preinstalled. All other features were optional, usual expansions were A2065 Ethernet board and the A3070 tape drive. Check out A3000UX's hardware page here and also the similar A2500UX.

Compatible hardware

Out-of-the-box works (ie. drives built into the kernel)

  • Commodore A2090/A2091 SCSI controller board, A3000 internal SCSI controller
  • Commodore A2065 10Base5/10Base2 Ethernet Adapter and the identical Ameristar AE2000 (see Networking)
  • Commodore A2410 “Lowell” video card (enables 8-bit color depth in X)
  • Commodore A3070 SCSI Tape drive (external QIC 120/150 drive, required for default scripted installation)
  • Commodore A2232 Serial expansion board (multiple serial console support)
  • Phase5 Blizzard 4030 (A3000 CPU card, 68030@50MHz) (verified by user)
  • Wangtek 5150 ES, Caliper or Sankyo CP-150 SCSI tape drives.

Works with drivers from Gateway UNIX CDs

  • Village Tronic Ariadne I Ethernet board
  • GVP SCSI controller
  • Following graphics boards: Domino 32K, Domino 16M, oMniBus, Merlin (in ZorroII mode), Picasso II (only in linear mode), Piccolo (in ZorroII mode), Spectrum (in ZorroII mode)

The last four boards have blitter support, all boards support panning of virtual/oversized screens. The limitation to ZorroII mode is because the AMIX memory mapping system can't deal with ZorroIII boards and the source for the important parts is not provided with AMIX… :-( I left out segmented boards (PicassoII in segemnted mode, Retina Z2) because of workload and performance reasons…

Assumed to work (but not tested)

Please report if you have tried any of the following with Amix

  • Eureka Afterburner (A3000 CPU card, 68030@33/50MHz)
  • GVP Impact A3001 (has sockets for boot roms from A2090A or A2620/A2630? SCSI controllers for compatibility)

Doesn't work

  • Archive Viper 150 MB SCSI Tape drive
  • Tandberg TDC4120 SCSI Tape drive
  • Motorola 68000, 68020/68030 without FPU, 68040, 68060 CPUs
  • Commodore A2060 ARCnet (based on user comments)
  • ADSG ProRAM 2000 (2MB ZII Fast RAM expansion) tested 1.1
  • DKB 3128 (Zorro III card with up to 128 MB of RAM) tested 2.1
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