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Amix & Y2K

The built-in setclk is not Y2K compatible and it will complain about “date: bad conversion” if the computer has RTC and/or a date of >2000 is entered.

The built-in setclk can be replaced with fixed version, which is available here.

(To-do: instructions on how to upgrade: basically just overwrite every instance of setclk with the fixed version)

2007 DST changes

There's been a lot of buzz about the 2007 DST changes and what they mean for IT. Well, fear not, because it is relatively simple to prepare your AMIX installation for March 11.

As with everything AMIX these days: The included utilites are obsolete, and the new tzdata does not work with it. The whole naming structure has changed. The new tzcode will not compile. Happily, if you pick and choose the data you need (I only care about the US on my system) it is easy to update the source files that come installed with AMIX for the DST changes.

Go here:
cd /pub
get tzdata2007b.tar.gz

Next, open up two shell sessions on the box. At the command prompt:

mkdir tzdata && cd tzdata
gzip -dc ../tzdata2007b.tar.gz | tar -xf -
vi northamerica

In the other window, head over to the TZ data, located in /usr/lib/locale/TZ. Back up the directory if you want to be safe. Open up the appropriate file, for example in the US it is northamerica. This is a source file for timezone data. Find the section that looks like this:

Rule US 1969 max - Oct lastSun 2:00 0 S

And delete every Rule US line in there. If you're using vi just type d6d. Replace it with the longer Rule US section (near the top after many lines of comments) from the tzdata/northamerica file you have open in the other window. If you're using X you can middle-click to paste selections. Remove the u from 23:00u on this line:

Rule US 1945 only - Aug 14 23:00u 1:00 P # Peace

AMIX doesn't like it. Next, in the /usr/lib/locale/TZ directory, if you want to go ahead and overwrite your timezone files with the new data issue the following command:

zic -d . northamerica 

You're all set. If you want to put the output files elsewhere, create a directory and change the . argument to that directory. Happy SysVR4 in 2007 and beyond!

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